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  • Ferrari: With a few wins the picture would’ve been different 19/08/2019
    Inadvertently or not Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has admitted that their 2019 chassis lacks downforce to harness the power they obviously have. Typically Ferrari won the ‘Test Season’ and expected to be on a good footing for Australia only to find that whatever problem Mercedes had was resolved and, as usual, the World Champions had […]
  • Leclerc: I need that first win as quickly as possible 19/08/2019
    For a young man, Charles Leclerc has already endured the journey of pain few of us have to suffer in the spotlight of his climb to become one of the future stars of our sport. The passing of his father Hervé a tragic blow now serves to inspire the 21-year-old driver who Ferrari are banking […]
  • Flashback: McLaren’s highs and lows in Indycar 19/08/2019
    McLaren first entered the Indy 500 in 1970 with Gordon Coppuck’s curvy M15, although new to oval racing, the team was already well known in the USA through its Can-Am involvement. However, while the cars were admired for their design and construction, even winning an award, the results were modest. Chris Amon was not an […]
  • Indycar Pocono: Power wins crashed marred race 19/08/2019
    The black clouds that enveloped Pocono and officially brought the IndyCar race to a premature end didn’t appear until the halfway point, but they’ve really been hanging over the track since the series returned to the mountains in 2013. A fatal crash. A promising career wrecked by paralysis. And again Sunday, a first-lap demolition derby […]
  • Outside Line: Contenders and Pretenders for Red Bull 2020 18/08/2019
    Suffice to say, it’s an interesting time at Red Bull. They have a race-winning car, one of the two best drivers on the grid… and a big gaping hole next to him. Pierre Gasly, for all his pedigree as a GP2 champion couldn’t fill it, and now it’s former Red Bull-reject Alex Albon’s turn to […]
  • Shadowed by crashes a somber IndyCar returns to Pocono 18/08/2019
    His social media post shows a digital image of legs walking in perfect stride superimposed over his own. The emoji, however, hides the delicate steps Robert Wickens takes while clutching the bars of a treadmill. Wickens returned this week to a full training program after his rehabilitation was stunted by surgery to remove an infected […]
  • Perez: If I am not in a podium car by 2021 I will quit F1 18/08/2019
    Sergio Perez made his Formula 1 debut at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix, eight years later and the Mexican has notched up 167 starts in the top flight with eight podiums to show for his effort. Like many of his peers, Perez is a gifted driver who simply never got a crack with a winning […]
  • #TheXtraLap Alfa Romeo: Something old and something new. 18/08/2019
    Starting in 2019, we saw a new name on the entry list: the iconic Alfa Romeo, the name Sauber was gone but they kept the sequel chassis number, C38. They came to pre-season testing with a car that looked a bit like the 2018 Ferrari but with a radical front wing design. Straight out of […]
  • Wolff: Ferrari is a myth and sometimes an irrational dream 17/08/2019
    Even Ayrton Senna had the dream to drive for Ferrari, so it would not be unimaginable if one day Lewis Hamilton dons a red race suit to bring his illustrious Formula 1 career to an end with the sport’s most famous team. Hamilton himself has more than once indicated that he is a big fan […]
  • Elkann: Marchionne’s example remains strong and alive in all of us 17/08/2019
    On the occasion of the first anniversary since Sergio Marchionne’s passing, Ferrari president John Elkann gave a touching remembrance in honour of the man he replaced at the helm of Maranello. Elkann said: “A year after Sergio Marchionne’s passing, the example he left us is just as strong and alive in all of us. The […]

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