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Quiz Nights

Quiz Nights: 18.30 hrs, Wednesdays 14th and 28th September

Hosted by Claire, the Virtual Pub Quizzes have become a regular fun event and currently takes place on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesday evenings at 18.30h and lasting about 45 minutes to 1 hour max. There are regularly around 20 participants who enjoy, not just the quiz, but also meeting up and chatting.

Widen your horizons! eg When did Switzerland join the UN? 1952 or 1972 or 2002?

Name these actors and actresses.

You never know when you need to have that fact ready to drop into the conversation and impress everyone or to kill the conversation or maybe both!!

For this pub quiz you will need:
Paper,PenDrinks & Snacks (to make it feel like a pub)You will also need a computer, tablet or smartphone, that has a video camera installed and speakers and/or headphones. This will use the Zoom video calling software. To do this you will need to download the Zoom app.

You can use the link below for ZOOM CLIENT FOR MEETINGS in advance it will take you through to a page to help you download the software needed. The URL to download the ZOOM Software to your laptop or Mac is

LOGIN DETAILS: Login details will be emailed to registered quiz members on the day of the quiz. These details include a MEETING ID and a PASSWORD which should be entered when joining the quiz. You may be asked to wait in a ZOOM Waiting Room before being allowed in by the quiz administrator, who will have been advised that you are there.

To register for the quiz, please email Henley at with a copy to Claire at
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